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Oct 25, 2022. Home / Vicksburg Mississippi / Education

Why Warren County Welcome Centre is a must-visit in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Posted by holidayinnvicksburg

There are very few welcome centers that have unmatched quality and standards. The Warren Country Welcome Centre at Vicksburg, Mississippi is one of them. Located at just 4.6 miles from Holiday Inn Express and Suites Vicksburg, MS. it is one of the must-visit places if you are set on a trip to Mississippi.

What is it?

The Warren County Welcome Centre, Vicksburg is a place set up to receive the tourists visiting Mississippi for their weekend or holidays. It is a reception center that provides a comprehensive guide to the new visitors and helps them experience Vicksburg, Mississippi at its best.

What has it got?

Wondering why visit the Welcome Centre? We are here to reason out. Find out what the Warren County Welcome Centre, Vicksburg has on the cards for its visitors.

Breath-taking view

Located next to the beautiful river of Mississippi, the Warren County Welcome Centre, Vicksburg, gives the visitors a breathtaking view. The visitors get to admire the beauty of the river and the serenity it brings to Vicksburg.

Complimentary Coffee

The Warren County Welcome Centre, Vicksburg is a great place for coffee lovers. The tourists are greeted with complimentary coffee on visiting the Welcome Centre.

Antebellum displays

The Welcome Centers are absolute works of art. The Warren County Welcome Centre, Vicksburg is beautifully decorated with fine antique furnishings. It leaves the visitors awestruck with its beauty and craftsmanship.

Tour Guides

The Warren County Welcome Centre, Vicksburg hands out to the visitors a list of must-visit places in and around Vicksburg, Mississippi. This will turn the spotlight on various area attractions in Vicksburg and their highlights. Tourists can also hire tour guides to take them across Vicksburg. This will help them cherish the authenticity of Vicksburg and witness its greatness.

Civil War Historical Sites Map

A customized map that is prepared on the historical war sites is available to the tourists. This equips the tourists to pay a visit to the most crucial battlefields and war sites of the American Civil War. The tourists, irrespective of their age and experience, will get a chance to pay homage to the soldiers who have laid down their lives for the welfare of the country.

Who is it for?

It is for all tourists who wish to explore Vicksburg and make memories for a lifetime across the river Mississippi.

When can I visit it?

The Warren County Welcome Centre, Vicksburg is open for tourists from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Sunday. These are the regular hours at the Welcome Centre and the guests are welcomed and their queries on area attractions in Mississippi are resolved instantly by their staff.

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